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14.  On the north-eastern pendentlve: the Virgin and Child
in a Paradise, with trees on a white background.
15.   On the south-eastern pendentive : the Mouth of Hell
16.  On the south pilaster of the dome : an armed angel
17.  Above that angel, on the arch : a man bearing the Seven-
Branched Candlestick, and beside him another man bearing with both hands some object above his head, perhaps the Table of Shew Bread.
18.  On the northern pilaster: a warrior.
19.   In the centre of the arch: the Head of Christ in a medallion.
The Western Bay.
20.  At  the  south-western  corner where  the wall  is  much
damaged, a saint.
21.  Above No. 20, to the west of the window: Christ appear-
ing to His disciples,
22.  To the east of the window, an indistinct scene, perhaps
the Entombment.
23.  At the north-western corner : S. Samona.
24.  A saint, not named.
25.  Over the door two saints, one of whom holds a cross.
26.  The northern archway: In the centre is the door to the
narrow passage between the parecclesion and the church. To the left, Jacob's Ladder; to the right, Moses at the Burning Bush. In the bush is a medallion of the Virgin and Child, and from the bush an angel addresses Moses, who holds his veil in his hand.
27.  28, 29, 30.    In the pendentives of the dome: the Four
Evangelists sitting at desks.
31.  The dome is divided into twelve segments by ribs, and is
pierced by twelve windows. Above each window is an angel holding a spear, and below him is the legend  Holy.' In the crown are the Virgin and Child in a medallion.
32.  A saint holding a small cross; below, in the south wall,
the archivolt with the epitaph to Tornikes above it.
33.  A warrior saint with his sword and shield.
34.  Above Nos. 32 and 33 on the arch, a figure, clad in a
white mantle and blue robe with a scroll in his hand, points to an angel, who holds his drawn sword in the right hand and the scabbard in the left hand, and seems to be attacking several persons in the right-hand corner. Behind him is a walled and fortified city, probably Jericho.
35.  On the north wall: S. Eutadius.
36.  The Adoration by the magi.
37? 38* On ^t west wall :  the  figures  of two saints, not named.